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Our approach to IT Management

Dealing with small to mid-sized businesses has taught us two guiding principles; technology waits for no one… and start small but always think big.

Can you think of a profession other than perhaps medicine where things are constantly in a state of flux and change as much as they are in the world of technology?  In a period of just three years (2015 – 2018) the following technologies never existed for practical application yet today they are beginning to impact our everyday lives; chatbots, the cloud, real-time language translation, artificial intelligence in mobile apps. deep learning based on predictive analysis, serverless computing, AI and machine learning applications. This is by no means an exhaustive list just a spattering of the new technologies beginning to shape our future business world.

If you are in business operating under the premise of “don’t fix what ain’t broke”, you’re in a very unenviable position.  If on the other hand you acknowledge the need to keep up as best you can with technology and have invested in an in-house IT management team, you may not be much better off.  Technology, coupled with ever new security risks, are moving so rapidly that your IT managers through no fault of their own often find themselves stretched thinner and they are falling further behind the curve just trying to keep your network functioning and secure.  Your team has no time to research and stay on top of what is changing and perhaps should now be adapted into your system.  They also have a very limited exposure to what is occurring in their field because since being employed by you have recent experience dealing with only one network ...yours.

As an IT manager for dozens of different networks, our 3nerds technicians have no choice but to be constantly reading up, listening to tech blogs, attending seminars and doing whatever it takes to stay aware of and open to what is new and coming onstream.  At the same time, however, we understand small business and the need to have tight budgets and strong fiscal restraint.  We believe that change or technical upgrades should only occur when the resultant payout clearly outweighs the costs and interruptions that such changes will incur to the business.  As we consult with your management team, we want to make certain that before making any technology investment we consider more than simply the price. Our goal is always to find a solution that is as cost effective as possible while allowing for a system that can handle any expected growth.

Our Story

At the age of just 18, Christopher Hoffman earned his MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Certification) making him the youngest recipient of an MCSE in the country at the time.  Just a few years later, in 2002, he decided to go in business for himself and launched the 3nerds Technology Group with two of his close tech geek friends.

Christopher attributes his early success in business to his ability to speak with business owners who had limited or no technical background in a way that puts them at ease by providing a clear understanding of what he was doing and why and what such action would do to make their operation run smoother and within a predictable and affordable technology budget.  The best testament to the success of that strategy is that Christopher has seen some of his original clients go on to enjoy business success, eventually taking retirement, yet their businesses are still under the watchful eyes and care of the 3nerds Technology Group.

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