We offer three levels of service designed to fit the needs of any small to mid-sized firm, from a start-up to a mature enterprise.

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3nerds Basic

IT  for Start-ups & Smaller Businesses

3nerds Basic is our entry-level service offering. It is designed for start-up and small businesses with 1-10 workstations.  This program enables you to leverage many of the technical services we offer at a lower price point. And, when your business grows, we’ll grow with you.  Never pay high hourly emergency call fees and eliminate costly downtime while waiting for service.

We will be monitoring your network remotely and be able to solve issues quickly.  Our preventative maintenance protocols will be in place allowing us to prevent problems from occurring by regularly checking the health of your system. If a concern arises, simply call/text/e-mail us and you’ll receive a prompt response. Onsite support is available for an additional fee.


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3nerds Plus

Mid-level IT Services and support

3nerds Plus is our mid-level IT service offering. This plan is best suited for businesses with 3-30 users that would like to utilize the cloud and have the most reliable technology at their fingertips. This program enables you to leverage the suite of 3nerds Technology services.  Occasional onsite visits by a 3nerds technician are included at no additional fee.

As a 3nerds Plus client, there is no additional charge for projects like setting up new computers or an office move. If something comes up, simply call/text/e-mail us and you’ll receive a prompt response. Support is provided remotely whenever possible, but onsite service is included as needed at no additional charge.


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3nerds Complete

Full Range Technical Services and support

3nerds Complete is our full-service offering that provides all-inclusive access to the full range of technical services we offer. It is designed for established companies with complex IT support needs.

When you select our 3nerds Complete plan, we become a true extension of your team. You will have a dedicated technician assigned to your account that you will interact with regularly. Your office will receive a weekly onsite visit on a designated day where we take care of any necessary maintenance items and check-in with staff. If something comes up between weekly visits, simply call/text/e-mail us and you’ll receive a prompt response.  As an established customer on this plan, there is no additional charge for projects like a software upgrade or putting a new printer on-line. Everything is included in the monthly flat rate.

Need more information...

Picking a partner to manage the Information Technology needs of your organization is a big decision which requires careful consideration once you have gathered all the facts.   Why not invite us in for a visit to discuss this in detail and answer all your questions?  Call us at (844) 363-7373 or click the Set Up a Meeting button.