Our Managed IT Services are built on three principles

  • RELIABILITY - Managed IT Support must be completely reliable, available 24/7, and must serve all your firm’s data security, and uptime performance needs.
  • AFFORDABILITY - Downtime is a costly, avoidable, and a completely unnecessary expense regardless of the size of the business. The cost of IT management services should never make you consider taking unnecessary risks of downtime or security breaches.
  • PEACE OF MIND - When we take on a client, we become an integral part of that company’s team and its day-to-day operations. From our 24/7 monitoring and maintenance to our easily accessible helpdesk, your office becomes an IT worry-free workplace.

Learn how 3nerds can fulfill your IT Management needs.

Relax-We’ve got this…

Our worry-free IT plan is focused on preventing computer problems from escalating into unexpected downtime, data loss, interruptions in business, and financial loss. From our 24/7 monitoring and maintenance to our easily accessible helpdesk, your office becomes IT worry-free workplace.

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Our Iron-Clad Network Security

Sleep sound at night knowing that your data is secure. With our 3nerds comprehensive suite of data security tools, you can rest assured that your network is protected from prowlers and predators of all types looking to do harm to you, your company, or your customers.
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Your IT Project Needs,  Solved

Looking to migrate to the cloud?  Perhaps a new website?  Hosting or Colocation?  Your 3nerds IT Consultant works directly with your management team to assure that special projects are planned and executed on a schedule that will maximize your ROI.
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Learn how to easily spot phishing emails. Great way to train your staff and protect your business!

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Getting started is easy on you, your staff, and your budget...

Onboarding is a simple 3-step process and most of the work is done behind the scene.

  1. Network Assessment – Before installing our network monitoring software and taking control of your company’s IT management responsibilities, we will need to perform a full network assessment. This will involve comprehensive interviews with each member of the senior management and other key employees responsible for interfacing with your company’s network.  In the assessment, we will learn what network devices, applications, servers, operating systems, etc. are running on the network. The network assessment includes analysis of all network devices to find which (if any) are obsolete or in need of upgrading. We will also assess your network's performance, review your network architecture, and perform a security assessment of all network devices (including security compliant configuration, bugs, vulnerabilities etc.)
  2. Creating an onboarding schedule – Once familiar with your current network system, our technician team will develop a comprehensive roll-out schedule.
    1. We will work with your business needs in mind accounting for critical times like billing cycles, inventories, holidays and vacation schedules,
    2. The schedule will spell out the 4 Ws
      • Who…will need to be involved?
      • What to expect?
      • Where will the work be done?
      • When will the work be finished and how long will it take?.
  1. Getting Started – Once the network assessment and onboarding schedule are complete, they will be reviewed and approved by your management team. At that point, we are ready to take over the reins and you can leave your IT worries behind.

This marks the beginning of what we expect to be a very long and fulfilling partnership between 3nerds and your firm.  As our way of showing appreciation for your business, the first month’s service fee is on the house.

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Next Steps...

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